Inbound Marketing Strategy


Inbound Marketing is the future of marketing. It’s a philosophy, not just another buzzword or jargon-filled phrase that gets tossed around in this ever changing world we live in today. Inbound marketers see things from both sides: they want to satisfy customers’ needs while also making money off them (which isn’t always easy). This is different than traditional approaches where people only cared about their own bottom line. But realistically spoken, both sides matter.

So… taking both sides into consideration is often called “interactive marketing” because inbound marketing is all about building and enhancing relationships between businesses and their customers.

What does all this mean?


The Difference between Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing

As opposed to Inbound Marketing, which focuses on the customers that are actively looking for your product and solutions, outbound campaigns have traditionally been about broadcasting messages at them—TV ads, magazine advertisements etc.,  – Outbound Marketing basically means that the marketing is targeted at everyone and not specifically at those who are showing interest already.

Doing sales, you could almost compare this with warm- and cold leads whereas being a cold lead is like getting called by some agency out of the sudden- in which you didn’t show any interest for beforehand- and a warm lead on the other hand has already shown interest in the service (leaving their e-mail adress, signing up for something outside, and nowadays by actively searching certain topics on Google- and so on).


Some stats about outbound marketing


 86 percent TV viewers totally skip over advertising altogether. They go do something else like playing with their phones, or they just fastforward the TV- and check back to what they were watching.

• 91% have unsubscribed from an email to company they previously opted into. A lot of people are getting soft-pedaled by email subscriptions.

• 44% of direct mail campaigns end up in the recycling without ever being opened. How is this possible? It’s simple, they are just not relevant for the person receiving them.

• 2/3rd of all the people are on the list wherein they have opted in to not get called randomly.

To conclude: this type of marketing might be effective but in fact it’s not efficient at all. Although often the somewhat bigger companies profit from this type of marketing– the average sized ones really have to go with inbound marketing since it’s just way more targeted at a specific group of people and it therefore is way more cost-effective.


 Speaking about inbound marketing…

Inbound marketing is the way to go for companies that want their engagement to go for their ‘call to action’. In this type of strategy, your offering is tailored towards what people need instead of it being pushed in front them– commonly like a brick wall with no indication or appeal at all. By focusing more heavily upon communication between company/brand representatives and clients alike; it’s easier than ever before- not only will you create lasting impressions but also build relationships! Which could lead into referrals if done correctly…

Marketing needs to be this way when you’re starting up or silently growing. Because today, marketers can decide what type of messages they send to different kinds of people and they could even almost directly seek out to the persons they are marketing to.


Inbound marketing involves 5 basic steps:

• Attracting total strangers
• Converting new visitors into leads
• Get visitors to buy something and become customers
• Keep those customers coming back for more
• Analyze your performance to enhance your efforts


How do you get started with inbound marketing?


As a website designer and maker, one of my favorite things to do is provide content for clients. We find that by providing helpful information and at the same time by creating personalized or branded websites with tailored designs, we make a great first step into the world of ‘online networking‘. Ultimately, by being in this world, we can’t take shelter when it comes to marketing. So there we are!

You get started with inbound marketing when you need to: and most often you’ll learn about it when the time is there. (Might even be the case now!)

So if you want your content and business to thrive, then it’s crucial that it is optimized for search engines. The first step in this process is having an SEO marketing strategy – but don’t worry! This can be done without spending too much time or money on it because we have spent two years perfecting our strategy. We at Tony’s Network are motivated to create wonderful online presences for others.

To start off with… firstly (because its intrinsic involvement with creating helpful content), we have thorough knowledge of all things “SEO.” It will help get top rankings when someone conducts and research searches out services & products similar like yours. 90% of Europian Consumers find new services and goods through online sources today so this might explain the importance. We actually mention it SEO quite often.. it has a real solid reason.

We learn when we do and when we do we get better, and learn… There is no such thing as doing offline crawler testing. You get to know the ‘bots’ when you start interacting with them. Bots are made up by algoritms and they look for high quality content or even trash. They make sure that pages that are relevant show up to the individuals doing online searches. Google always wants to give the best answer to the individual. 

What are bots? -who doesn’t want to know?

Bots live in the cloud and by cloud we mean the online dimension. You probably already knew that. Anyway, you could view them as human body cells practicing their given objective. They basically are automated computer systems and now with the intrance of AI- bot’s learn when they are on the move. They enter all connections on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol which states for HTTP. It’s that what you see before all the links you type in your browser. Crawlers, spiders or should we name them bots- basically take snapshots of all code on these connections. Then a bigger bot filters the good and the bad. The spiders are created by humans- and behind search engines, there are full groups of people constantly updating and improving these bots. That’s when AI came into play; the bots became so well optimized that they could start make decisions themselves. And therefore improve themselves.


Robots, Automata, Grey, Bot

Anyways… while the bots are working, they leave traces on your website. And that is why your page visitor count is higher on Cloudflare than it is in Google Analytics. ” (GA tracks visitors when google’s script is loaded, and bots don’t load these scripts.)

To go back to the subject…


What we do for inbound marketing is; we optimize your website for mobile (which for example might mean showcasing your most exciting piece, service or project right when they enter your page). We teach you how to get along with customer service and we make it easy for visitors to reach that service. Those services could even be automated, like an automatic chatbot who answers questions of guests.

Furthermore, we will help you with campaigns you can run on search engines and social media. They often involve you to add keywords (and negative keywords) descriptions, headlines, and so on. You get a score whereby you compete with other advertisers and it’s just that ‘grade’ and the amount of money you’re willing to bet on a customer- which is what decides wether or not your advertism is being shown to the right audience.

You now know the difference of these two types of marketing. 

Tony’s Network can help you practising the right type of marketing- which is inbound marketing. Forget about those bots, spiders and crawlers, but think about how much you value your online presence. Think about the importance. Make it stand out. Have happy, returning visitors. You rather have them enjoying their stay within your online presence.


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