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We could achieve anything we set our minds to. So let’s start believing in ourselves, and in the power of “nothing is impossible”. don’t let anything hold you back – go out there and achieve your dreams! Design it your way with Tony’s.


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*prices start as low as


Price e-commerce +150€ | Logo Service ~89€

* Having trouble with your website? We are able to fix the issue.

* Do you need to migrate your website to another hosting provider?

List goes on… We can help you! 

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  ** Same rate applies for other currencies. Bank transfer or PayPal.



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We value international well-being and health. Therefore we decide to donate 10% of your purchase to a charity you prefer. You can also let us make the choice. We make the world a better place together.

    1. Charities Supported  
    2. Salvation Army, KWF, Wild Geese, Save the Children


    *Depending on project size and required maintenance.