Four Ways Website Maintenance Helps Your SEO

Imagine what happens to your car if you never take it in for an oil change or a tune up. It might run okay for awhile, but before you know it, it could stop running. It’s not that much different with a website. Don’t you have a maintenance plan? Then your website will fade, fall lower in search engine rankings and then you could lose revenue. Old customers may run away as well. Overall- it’s not good for you and your business. 

Don’t let that happen to your website— it’s the most valuable business card you have! At Tony’s Network, we have a website maintenance package that will keep your site running like a machine- using strong SEO techniques to have happy, returning visitors and customers.


1. Google Likes Fresh, Updated Pages- So Do Your Visitors.

People like fresh content that’s frequently updated on well-maintained websites. Do you buy old bread over and over again? No… you like it fresh. Alghorithms prefer the same, and considering Google and other Search Engines work with these, it would be a great idea to provide something new once in a while. We did some research and it turned out that well maintained pages and fresh content performed a lot better than websites with outdated and static content. It can make the difference of being on the fifth- page or the first one. 

Furthermore, what’s going to bring back your visitors if you don’t add fresh content once in a while? Providing something helpful or new from time to time will ultimately make your visitors or customers come back. Don’t forget that visitors may turn into customers after awhile- they often want to know who’s behind the service and they like to get to know the ‘business’ (businesses are lead by people, so the visitors get to know the person who he/she might start to do business with.) Of course, if you’re running an e-commerce website (webshop) then the visitors don’t necessarily need to know you. 

However, without a maintenance plan, Google will drop your rankings, new visitors won’t be able to find you and people that have seen your website before- have seen it… so… why would they come back? 


2. Good Website Maintenance Improves Security

There are algorithms and there are people- both are changing constantly. Hackers will always find new ways to break into a website or server. They want your data or customer data, or they are trying to get your website offline. Whatever reason the hacker has, in the end, website security is business security. It’s something you cannot afford to let go! However, the technical expertise that’s required to push hackers away and to stay safe from attacks, keeps the security in a good shape at all times. Maintenance that’s included in the package from Tony’s Network provides the highest, most adaptive security protection to protect you and your visitors from threats.


3. Broken Links Are Destructive 


Everybody hates the 404 message that makes your company look bad to customers who are trying to search through your content. They’ll click back to go look somewhere else- especially if it’s the link that they clicked on within the search engine. Google did a test and it turned out that ~40 percent of people falling onto a 404 page in direct search, will immidiately leave your website and forget about it. 

You hire someone who does the maintenance for you because you’re to busy with other stuff. It saves you time. Also, some knowledge of how the system works is required and if you have someone that’s specialized in this area do it for you… then it will bring nothing but conversion. 


4. Website Maintenance Boosts Load Speed and Customer Happiness

How long do you think a potential customer will wait for your website to load before losing interest and heading to Facebook for dog or cat videos?  

It aren’t just customers for who load speed matters —search engines include ‘load speed’ in their algorithms, making slow loading pages drop in their rankings. 

Regular maintenance can ensure you and your visitors that the pages on the website are beautiful, sleek and fast; just… don’t let your customers fade away. Their experience on your website is crucial for conversion. And a person might never return if they experience a slow and badly optimized website.

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