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Flames Burn Brighter Together

Every ember can make the bonfire light brighter and warmer. We’re all one, and without every one of you there will be a lack of embers. We cannot have a lack of that, so if you read this; you should feel like you’re a part of World Love One.

Granted with the power of control his eyes start to shine when thinking of becoming a superhero. He must do the one thing that’s right in this situation. He thinks for a few moments to make sure he will come up with the right plan.

”What do I value more? Receiving love and getting praised for saving some people from the dead or would I rather not be praised to save way more people from the dead?” As he takes the decision in favor of all, he heals and spells the perfect spell. Happiness returns.

Sir S

Sir S


”I am supporting World Love One and the The Tony’s Network with all my heart.” While away from music, STRYKER pursued martial arts (5th Degree in Tae Kwon Do); produced “opening ceremonies” for world-class sporting events; produced/directed television and film projects; and, had a life changing turn of events as he found himself homeless from 2002-2004 on the streets of Hollywood, California. SIR STRYKER’s return to music (2006) started in local piano bars which led to becomming a “top-tier” entertainer for Holland America Cruise Line.


We Welcome You With Love

As we are changing the game, love shall rise and hate will diminish.

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Call of Love

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We burn brighter together

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